A Word From Us Kids: November

words / MEGAN SIBLEY pictures / MAX NEASE

In the past two months, Keegan and I have transcribed hours of interviews. We have done photo shoots in busy bus stations, covered city-wide fashion shows, and tracked down the latest Yeezy drops. We’ve talked to shoe junkies, designers, boutique owners, and music lovers, all in an effort to expose a side of this city that many people don’t know exists.

These hours of writing and shooting and interviewing have evolved in to a project that we have lovingly named the DTS. While the meaning of these letters will remain a mystery for now, we are so stoked to present to you our very first finished product.

We would like this blog to read as an online magazine; each month we will post new content in the form photo editorials, local fashion news, interviews, playlists, street style, and other stuff that we think you’d want to read (or at least that we had a good time creating).

Before the DTS was even a thought in our minds, I had no idea what the Ottawa arts and fashion community had to offer. Like most, I assumed that local fashion existed only within the four walls of NRML, or in the new addition at the Rideau Centre. I had no appreciation for the creators and innovators that are right here in Canada’s capital; with the DTS, we hope to share a few of these people and places with you.

For us, fashion, music, arts and culture are a lifestyle. They are a way of thinking and living beyond the conventional, and building a niche of creativity and influence wherever you call your home base.

The people we have met throughout this inaugural ride have further convinced me that clothing is power. It starts conversations, ignites friendships, breaks the ice, and lightens the mood. Clothing has taught me that I can be anyone; fashion is my art form.

Let these stories and photos inspire you as they’ve inspired us, and help you to appreciate how dope and eccentric and inviting the Ottawa fashion scene really is. If you don’t believe me, that’s okay; two months ago I wouldn’t have believed me either.


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