A Word From Us Kids: December


What a crazy month.

The first release of the DTS exceeded our expectations by leaps and bounds. I assumed that a few friends would check it out, and that would be the extent of it.

Now we’re looking at over 2500 page views, with visitors from nine different countries.

It wasn’t just the amount of traffic that was surprising. The amount of people who were genuinely interested in our content right from the start was incredible. We had friends of friends (and my mom) reaching out to us with praise and constructive criticism, and many creators hoping to be featured in the next edition!

We’ve taken all of the input to heart, and tried our very best to improve for our December release. The website has been redesigned, and hopefully easier to navigate. Our pages with the most visual content were visited the most, so we focused more on photos and video this month. Hopefully you enjoy watching our video look book as much as we enjoyed making it!

This time of year is super busy for everyone, especially considering final assignments are due and exams are upon us. As much as we would have loved to release exactly one month after our initial drop, it just wasn’t possible. Thanks again for all of your patience.

We’re hella excited to present all of our newest work, and hope that in some small way it makes your life a little better and brighter.

We’re making moves, watch out 2017.


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