Bank and Lewis


Maya Spaulding-Best is an 18-year-old lover of all things art (acting, music, you get the picture). Maya was an aspiring model.

Aidan Harkness is 19, and he likes to rap. You should definitely consider checking out some of his work here. Aidan was an aspiring model.

Maya and Aidan entered a Facebook contest held by Models International Management (MIM)- an agency here in Ottawa. Based on the outrageous number of likes they received on their photos, Maya and Aidan both won the contest (as well as a sweet modelling contract with MIM). Maya and Aidan are now models.

We had the pleasure of doing a quick shoot with Maya and Aidan, who were great sports when it came to posing in dark alley ways and near dumpsters. Check out the results in this month’s photo editorial, brought to you by The DTS. img_4748img_4816img_4831img_4872img_4788img_4847img_4718img_4774img_4818img_4758img_4713


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