December Playlist

curation & words / IAN “CREO” WALTERS

cre-o /cre o/ noun:

  1. a Toronto-based rapper who was nice enough to lend his musical expertise to the DTS this month


This playlist is a bit of everything I’ve been listening to lately. A mix of artists I’ve loved for a long time, and new artists I’m just getting into. I have also included some artist friends of mine who are in a similar up & comer movement like I am. Around here it can get pretty cold, and start to feel isolated and lonely; half of the list jumps into that. The other half says “screw it, turn up, enjoy the good things” – it’s been a crazy year for a lot of us, and music has gotten me through mine- a lot of these songs have gotten me through mine. Maybe some will for you, maybe it’ll be my song Lucky Ones.The playlist features a mix of lower tempo hip hop, spacey dream pop, as well as a couple upbeat tracks to warm up the season.


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