A Word From Us Kids: November

words/ MEGAN SIBLEY picture/ MAX NEASE

I always try to be really honest in these things. I’m all for transparency- sorry if this seems more like a diary entry than a letter to you guys, but we never claimed to be professionals here.

The DTS has experienced a bit of a precarious few months. Its future was rocky, and I genuinely wasn’t sure if this little site would stay afloat. Maintaining such a time consuming project is hard when you have full time summer jobs and lives of our own- who knew?

But ultimately, we came to the conclusion that The DTS is our baby (metaphorically speaking, of course.) It’s hard to watch something you’ve literally built from the ground up become obsolete. In short, we just weren’t ready to let it go.

I love that this is our own personal portfolio- a collection of everything that I’m proud of. I love that people we like can create things that they like, and in turn, all of you people who visit our site can like it too.

Ugh, what a lovely concept.

And there you have it friends. We’re back for another round, and we really hope you’re still along for the ride.

As always, please keep sending us your stories and photos and videos and artwork and and and… the more original the better in my opinion. This site is nothing if not original.




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