curation + words / MAX NEASE

The DTS has been on a minor hiatus so why not provide you, our loyal audience, with an extended playlist to make up for the lost time. These 31 songs were put together to help continue your journey into 2018, feeding off of those extreme highs and lows you may have experienced over the course of the shit-show that was 2017.

Whether you be into funk, white-knuckle rock, modern hip-hop, soft acoustic, dream pop, or even Japanese indie, this playlist has a little something for everyone. I hope the happy songs make you happy, and the sad songs make you sad. I hope this music takes you back to a moment in time you never want to forget, and helps you remember a moment you may have missed. Let this music move you to places you may not be comfortable going, and experience feelings you don’t usually embrace.

This is the DTS January playlist, and its meaning is what you make of it.



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