words+pictures/ SANTANA BELLANTONI

Forget new year, new me. How about new year, new music?

Twin Peaks, a band from Chicago, put on a three-day sold out performance from 29 -31 Dec., at Thalia Hall.

Showered in lights, with a motorcycle hanging from the ceiling, band members Clay Frankel, Colin Croom, Connor Brodner, Cadien Lake James and Jack Dolan tore down their heart pounding show on New Year’s Eve. The crowd ran wild and mosh pits broke out throughout the night.

Two opening bands kicked off the night –  Lexington’s Today’s Hits and fellow Chicago crew NE-HI. They got everyone stoked to see Twin Peaks, who started their set with What Up Dawg.

The band members downed beer and champagne, and near the evening’s end, Colin pulled some magic mushrooms out of his pocket and had a taste.

A preemptive countdown ensued as midnight approached. When midnight hit, streamers dropped from the air and the band rocked the next part of the set.

The band was later joined by a special guest, Marisa Nakamura, who sang Shake Your Lonely Heart along with Clay, which ended with a friendly kiss. Twin Peaks finished the night with We Will Not Make It (Not Without You), which was very fitting for their fans, almost a tribute and a thank you.

They helped end an amazing year with their Sweet 17’ Singles, where they released a single or two per month all year. Twin Peaks rang in the start of 2018 with a bang, and will continue rocking throughout the new year.

Chicago is the band’s home; their roots are stuck in this marvellous city. Some spots they frequent are Longman & Eagle, Cole’s and Emporium.

They are always supporting new Chicago bands, like NE-HI and Grapetooth, because other bands supported them when they first started out in the music industry. To celebrate and cure their hangovers, they had dinner the following day at Lou Malnati’s for some famous Chicago deep dish pizza.



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